Pay Per Advertisement

Pay Per Ads


    As one of our services, JSI also provides our avid clients this Pay Per Ads Service. Pay Per Ads service or commonly known also as Pay Per Click Advertisements are more than just any other Internet marketing measure. JSI’s Pay Per Ads is our advertising model service that directs traffic to our clients websites wherein the advertisers of certain products or services pay the publisher– the website owner, where the ads were clicked by the site’s visitors. With the advancement of Internet technology and search engines, advertisers normally do bidding of keywords that relates and are relevant to their target market.

Choosing JSI’s Pay Per Ads

    Our Pay Per Ads Service ensure that our client’s business website stays on top of the search engine’s list. We coordinate with our business clients and making them the boss of their own pay per ads and enabling them to control their own ads. One example of this is recreating or editing existing business ads your company has and announcing a new promo thus, promoting more exposure to your business website.

    Furthermore, to be able to remain on page 1 of search engines, our SEO experts will ensure the optimization of our clients’ pay per ads site; making sure that keywords being used relevantly are effective to optimize their site.

In essence to Pay Per ads, JSI ensure at least 3 crucial aspects in maintaining our clients’ business websites achieved and will continue producing profits:

    • Good and qualified website traffic

    • Keyword recognition

    • Relevance of content

We also ensure that our business clients would not spend more just to advertise their business. With JSI as your business partner, we assure you that you will only be spending less and affordable because we provide you quality and 100% client satisfaction of our pay per ads service as we maintain your site’s optimization with qualified leads helping you gain potential buyers of your business.