Starting Your Own Online Business

Posted by in General on May 30, 2010

Starting your own Online Business

Before the internet was opened to the public use, businesses were just operating via the most common ways of doing business. Transactions are made in offices, meetings are set in places for talking business, and business men should be in the same place at the same time for them to talk to.

Things like that were somehow tedious for even many business men. But after the internet was offered for everyone’s use, business got a much needed boost in the form interconnectivity.  Then, in just a few years, the internet was now one of businesses reliable ally. The internet-business alliance, which would be stronger after each year. Then, businesses like online advertisements, paid to click sites, file sharing, online help services, music and video sharing sites, porn and even social networking sites sprouted like wild mushrooms. Big business created websites that allowed them to expand business around the world without the stress of building one on site.  Small outsourcing companies were able to land on projects like, web development, programming, image and video editing, and so much more. We now call it e-Commerce (as in “e”-electronic Commerce or business done in the web or online)

Now, with this entire ruckus about business online, how do you start your own business online? For all those who wanted to start their own business and for those who wants just get to know the “know-how” on doing business online, this article is for you.


How to do Internet business?

First step, just like how businesses start, one must decide on what kind of business will he be engaging in. There are tons of businesses out there that a business man can pick as his starting business. Here’s a few of them (for more choices, Google or Yahoo! might help you with that):


-Online web marketing

-Online advertisement

-Web hosting services

-Web development

-Email marketing

-Online tutorials


….and so much more.


So, you have choices ranging from A-Z. The choices are almost limitless. You can even think of creating your own business to start (that is if you know much about the internet and its ‘netizens’ or internet citizens).


A business man must choose carefully on what kind of business he will start. Doing a research would also help you choose what business would be a good start. Researches like what kind of site is mostly or frequently visited by more web surfers every day or what kind of web services or products are most asked for by prospect clients. These would help one think of the nature or type of the business, the number of potential clients, and even the number of competitors will he be competing with once he starts with his business.

Second step, after a business man chooses the nature/type of his business, he must now begin to procure materials/tools he will use for his business.

Computers, routers, network cables, office building/site, software, more hardware (tables, chairs and other office furniture) and the workers or ‘people ware’ are just a few. Materials varies depending on what type of business will he be doing. Some businesses even start at the home of the owners, to save them the trouble from acquiring new office space, and all in all save time and money in starting business. Of course, an online business won’t be online if you’re business is not connected in the internet. Acquiring an internet service is easy nowadays, when almost everybody utilizes the availability of the internet. An ISP (Internet Service Provider) can give a quick internet connection set up, depending on their packages or promos. The next most important material on an internet business is the people. Nowadays, almost every business would only require lesser number of people to work for them, but still, people ware is still needed. If no one maintains the sites, the computers, no one creates the sites, or maintains the web sites that asked for your hosting, the business would only live for a few months.


Third step, the clients. Well, there are sites that provides as a ‘bridge’ for clients and service providers. These sites let the clients post notifications for the projects that need to be done. Then, the service providers would then bid, for the lowest price, for the project acquisition. When the bidding ends, the service provider that bids the lowest will get the project. Then the talk for project specifications will begin.

But, that would mean, you won’t be getting every project posted in that site. There are a lot of bidders, we mean a lot! Another way of client acquisition is via advertisements. Printed or online, advertisement still works for most businesses. There are a lot of websites that provides advertisement posting.

One just needs to contact them, maybe via email or phone call or in their web site. Then, the talk for business ads can begin. Also, another way is via referral. If one knows someone who is in the business or has been there can help one get clients. Some of the clients that they will give you are the ‘excess’ ones. But still, they are clients who need jobs to be done. So, waste no time in getting those jobs done. Also, included in this step, is to secure your ‘pay line’. This is where the client will be paying you through online payment, if they are located overseas or if they want a more secure transaction. Securing that will allow you to reap the fruits of your hard labor.



Just Simply Internet

Well, internet business is just a business that operates mainly in the world wide web. Clients get to present a project that needs doing service providers and then the service providers can submit their project to clients depending on arrangements. Also there are a few reminders before you go and start your own online business. To list here a few:


Security – if you are hosting files for clients, these files may contain data that mustn’t be shared with anyone, then you must invest on your

Online security- Installing a trusted antivirus paired with spyware and malware detection capabilities can increase the safety of your clients’ files. For anti hackers, always keep the firewall up and running.


Maintain a less crowded band with connection – don’t use your connection for useless things like downloading, streaming, gaming and too much social networking. Work if its work time, don’t mix the work and non-work activities.


The basics have been said; always remember to research before starting a business. Take care of your materials, it may be hardware, software or people ware. Keep security tight; remember the internet has thousands of malicious citizens whose happiness is the ruin of others.

With today’s utilization of the internet, a business man just should just develop a creative mind that will allow them to create and start businesses.